ERP Future - Summit ERP Future Summit 2014 - Panel discussion with distinguished experts

The inception and the future of ERP systems

In 2014 the ERP Future - Summit will take place following the ERP Future - Research conference. The ERP Future 2014 - Summit serves the purpose of bridging the Research and Business event, creating a transition between "theory" and "practice".

Distinguished experts, who helped shape the ERP sector, will be discussing both current topics as well as the inception and inauguration of the business software branch of industry.


2013 at the ERP Future - Summit in Vienna following experts took part at the pannel discussion with the topic 'Back to the Future':


· Heinz-Paul Bonn (GUS Deutschland)

· Christian Ihle (Federal Ministry of Finanzes - Austria)

· Reinhold Karner (former KTW-Group & Semiramis)

· Alfred Taudes (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)

· Gerhard Zeiner (SAP Austria)