ERP Future 2014 - Research

In 2014 the ERP Future in Dornbirn will again see the addition of a Research conference. The date for the ERP Future - Research conference is set for 17th of November 2014 and will be held on the premises of the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. The Research conference is set up as a platform for scientific discussion on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Business Intelligence (BI) systems, Business Process Management (BPM) systems and information technology systems. The conference acts as a discussion and communication platform for business and technological topics covering ERP systems.

The Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences will be hosting the ERP Future 2014. The team of managing director Mag. Stefan Fitz-Rankl, will aid the University of Innsbruck with organising and realising the event. In addition, the German Chapter of the ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, will be supporting as well.

Conference proceedings (Springer Lecture Notes) will be published for the ERP Future 2014 - Research event, containing all the academic and valuable contributions. Information on how to submit content can be found here: call for papers and important dates.

The conference proceedings (Springer Lecture Notes: Novel Methods and Technologies for Enterprise Information Systems) of the ERP Future 2013 - Research in Vienna will be available here.

The conference proceedings (Springer Lecture Notes: Innovation and Future of Enterprise Information Systems) of ERP Future 2012 - Research in Salzburg will be available here.