ERP Future 2014 - Business

The ERP Future 2014 - Business Event features leading ERP system providers presenting their views on the future of the ERP sector and the road map for their ERP system in the light of BI and BPM. Businesses are facing a wide variety of features and complexities in information systems and have the opportunity to take their bearings. ERP system providers are especially challenged by the needs of small and medium sized businesses. On the one hand these small and medium sized businesses are highly flexible, show a high grade of individuality and market orientation, on the other hand their budgets for information technologies are often limited. ERP systems enjoy widespread usage in the German speaking countries and regions with the growing globalisation furthering the need to internationalise their local requirements. Furthermore, the quick paced technological advancement offers more opportunities to act in an enterprising fashion and react to challenges and problems. Conversely, these opportunities are risks as well.


The date for the ERP Future - Business event is set for 18th of November 2014 and will be held on the premises of the Vorarlber University of Applied Sciences.  The team of the managing director Mag. Stefan Fitz-Rankl will aid the University of Innsbruck with organising and realising the event.